Connecting with Real People and Measuring the Impact makes Giving feel Better

socialgivingTraditionally, individuals donate clothing, furniture & supplies to to the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Red Cross and they do the good work on the behalf of our donation.  Using that platform, it makes it super convenient to just drop off bags of clothes and supplies and they do the work of connecting the relationships to those whom they deem are in need.  Almost X amount of people do this on a yearly basis and it has measurable impact.

The traditional method works well, however I’ve always wondered where my donated clothes and food actually went and how did it impact the community.

  • What if I could spend quality time and pick who my gift can impact the most?
  • What if I could share stories between those in need and hear about the impact it could do?
  • What if I could hear about the impact it has resulted in and share those results to promote more giving?

IDriveResults is a platform designed to connect, share stories, give and hear about the impact it has resulted in.

In the past, I participated as a big brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of San Diego (2012- 2014) and know what it means to dedicate quality time and see the impacts within the household.

This platform is extension of how we can scale out the results of people’s impact to the community through quality connections.

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